NR540 2022 January Week 7 Assignment Latest

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NR540 Leading and Managing Population Health

 Week 7 Assignment  

Reflective Essay #2


Engaging in self-reflection is a useful practice to facilitate professional growth.  MSN-prepared nurse leaders benefit from introspection to clarify professional values, identify personal strengths, and opportunities for enhancement and continued development.  During the NR 540 course, you will participate in two reflective essay assignments to support professional introspection and gain insights regarding competency as a leader and manager in population health practice.

In this reflective writing, students will identify specific objectives for professional development and consider they contribute to competency in population health practice.  Reflection will also consider how practicum opportunities may contribute to professional development and cultivate competencies for advanced nursing practice.

NR540 Week 7 Assignment Reflective Essay #2 Guidelines and Rubric Download NR540 Week 7 Assignment Reflective Essay #2 Guidelines and Rubric

Course Learning Outcomes 

Through this assignment, the student will address the following course learning outcomes:

CO 3: Appreciate the unique role of the MSN-prepared nurse to impact population health. (POs 3, 4, and 5)

CO 4: Examine professional values and competencies in leadership and management that support population-focused practice. (POs 3 and 4)

Assignment Overview

Revisit the strengths and opportunities for improvement that you identified in the week 2 reflective essay assignment.  Respond to the following questions to facilitate your reflection and identify objectives for professional development.

Submit your reflections directly in the textbox of the assignment area in the course or upload a Word document.

Discuss the impact you hope to achieve through continued professional growth. State 2 individual objectives or professional development using the SMART objective criteria. Explain how professional development in each of these 2 areas will strengthen competency in population health practice.

For each of the 2 objectives that you develop, address the following:

How will achievement of this objective facilitate leadership and management of population-focused practice?

What resources are needed to facilitate achievement of this objective?

How might the practicum experience facilitate achievement of this objective?

Assignment Instructions

Abide by the Chamberlain College of Nursing Academic Integrity Policy.

Create the reflective essay directly in the textbox provided in the assignment area or upload a Word document.

No direct quotes may be used in this assignment.

Due to the reflective nature of the assignment, first person is acceptable.

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