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1. Human resource managers generally exert _____ within the human resources department and _____ outside the human resources department.

2. All of the following are examples of human resource job duties except _____.
3. All of the following except ________ are ways that human resource management improves corporate performance. .
4. Which term refers to letting outside vendors provide services for a firm?
5. Technological applications in human resource management includes ________.

6. Companies may use a(n)_ to provide employees with a single access point or gateway on a company’s intranet to all human resource information.

7. The __________ metric can be used as a measurement to show improvements to savings in recruitment and retention costs.

8. 8. Of the four categories of proficiencies necessary for HR managers, which one refers to traditional knowledge and skills in areas such as employee selection, training, and compensation?

9. HR managers who pass certification exams in human resource management are knowledgeable in all of the following aspects except___________.

10. In Griggs v. Duke Power Company, Griggs sued the power company because it required coal handlers to be high school graduates. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Griggs because ___.

11. If a person is in a protected class, he or she is protected by

12. If race, color, religion, sex, or national origin is a motivating factor in a termination, but the employee would have been terminated for failure to perform anyway a(n) ________ exists.

13. Depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and personality disorders are examples of ______ under EEOC guidelines.

14. Religion may be a BFOQ if___________

15. Which of the following recruitment practices could be considered discriminatory?

16. Firms using_____ make an extra effort to hire and promote those in protected groups.

17. Under the Civil Rights Act of 1991, a discrimination claim must be filled within ______ after the alleged incident took place when there is a similar state law.

18. In Bakke v. Regents of the University of California, the University of California at Davis Medical School denied admission to white student, Allen Bakke, allegedly because of the school’s affirmative action quota system, which required that a specific number of openings go to minority applicants. Bakke charged that _____ had occurred.

19. A _______ is a general statement of intended direction that evokes emotional feelings in organization members.

20. Defining the business is the ________ step in the strategic management process.

21. The _______ of the California Energy Commission is to assess and act through public and private partnerships to improve energy systems that promote a strong economy and a healthy environment.

22. Marriot may acquire a furniture making business. What type of strategy is Marriott pursuing?

23. Companies like Ferrari can be called __ because they carve out a market niche and complete by providing a product that customers can get in no other way.

24, Which of the following is a type of competitive strategy?

25. _________ refers to the process by which human resource managers design strategies, policies, and practices that make sense in terms of the company’s corporate and competitive strategies.

26. Which of the following is true to companies with high-performance HR systems compared to low-performance companies?

27. Which of the following questions addresses the “identity workforce requirements” step of the basic model for aligning HR strategy and actions with business strategy?

28. Information regarding job-related knowledge or skills and required personal attributes is included in the information about ____ an HR specialist may collect during a job analysis.

29. Information regarding matters such as physical working conditions and work schedule is included in the information about ____ an HR specialist may collect during a job analysis.

30. Collecting data on job activities, required employee behaviors, working conditions, and human traits and abilities needed to perform the job is the _______ step in the job analysis process.

31. Which term refers to a written statement that describes the activities and responsibilities of the job?

32. Which of the following may be included in a job specification?

33. Which of the following is included in a functional job analysis?

34. Dejobbing can be described as ________

35. Traditional job analysis focuses on ______

36. Jane must decide what positions the firm should fill in the next six months. What activity is Jane working on?

37. __________contain data on employees’ performance records, educational background, and promotion recommendations.

38. A __________ can be used to calculate the number of applicants necessary to result in hiring the required number of new employees.

39. Which of the following is not an advantage of using a private employment agency?

40. Smith industries has set a goal of recruiting minority applicants. Which method listed below is likely to be the least successful for Smith Industries?

41. Mandatory alternative dispute resolution agreements require ________.

42. Which of the following is an example of a reliable test?

43. ____________ is used as an estimate of reliability when one administers a test with x number of item designed to assess a topic; then statistically analyze the degree to which responses to the items vary together.
44. Traditionally female professions are referred to as __ jobs.

45. Tests that measure a range of abilities including memory, vocabulary, verbal fluency, and numerical ability are called __________.

46. _________ tests include tests like finger dexterity, manual dexterity, and reaction time.

47. Which personality characteristics refers to the disposition to be imganative, nonconforming, and unconventional?

48. Which of the following statements is representative of what might be asked in a behavioral interviews?

49. Kimberly is interviewing along with several other talented candidates for a position as a journalist at a newspaper. A team of interviewers will meet with all the candidates at once. The team will pose problems to the candidates and see which candidate takes the lead in formulating an answer. This is an example of a _______ interviews.

50. The fourth step in the procedure for developing a guide for structured situational interviews is to _________.

51. Consider the question: “What work experience do you have in marketing and sales?” What type of question is this?

52. Consider the question:”What f actors should be considered when developing a customer database?” What type of question is this?

53. Which of the following is an important consideration when asking questions in the interview?

54. James is currently identifying the specific job performance skills needed, analyzing the skills of prospective trainees, and developing knowledge and performance objectives based on the deficiencies he finds. James is working on the ______ step in the training and development process.

55. Rebekah was hired soon after graduation and assigned to complete a management trainee program. She will move to various jobs each month for a nine-month period of time. Her employer is utilizing the ____________ form of training.

Which of the following guidelines is intended to “ Prepare the Learner” for success using in the job training?

57. ____________ are computer based training systems that learn what the trainee did right and wrong and then adjusts the instructional sequence to the trainee’s unique needs.

58. Any attempt to improve managerial performance by imparting knowledge, changing attitudes, or increasing skills is called _________.

59. Which on-the-job training method is not used for managerial positions?

60. When designing an actual appraisal method, the two basic considerations are _____.

61. The most popular method for ranking employees is the ________ method.

62. Forced distribution refers to an appraisal method, which __________.

63. While peer appraisals have many benefits, one problem is ______, when several peers collaborate to rate each other highly.

64. Subordinates may feel dissatisfied with their appraisal interview when they _________.

65. How does human resource management with a career development focus differ from human resource management with a traditional focus?

66. If an employer offers to match individuals and jobs based on a number of variables including employee career interests, if it encouraging a career development focus to the human resource activity focused on _______

67. A planned learning event in which participants are expected to be actively involved, completing career planning exercises and inventories and participating in career skills practice sessions is called a(n)____.

68. Employee commitment has suffered in recent years because of ____________.

69. Frank has earned a full retirement. However, his company will need some time to rain a replacement and Frank really doesn’t want to stop working completely. Frank shoul pursue _________.

70. Jill works a cashier at a grocery store. She earns $8 an hour (or $320 for a 40 hour week). Last week, she worked 44 hours. What did she earn last week?

71. Which of the following professions is considered “nonexempt” from provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act?

72. Unions negotiate all of the following pay-related issues except __________.

73. What theory of motivation states that people are strongly motivated to maintain a balance between what they perceive as their inputs or contributions and their rewards?

74. Which of the following is not a form of equity that should be addressed by managers dealing with compensation issues?

75. Frederick Taylor referred to the tendency of employees to work at the slowest pace possible and to produce at the minimum acceptable level as __________.

76. Hygiene factors affect a continuum that ranges from __________.

77. The Scanlon Plan is an incentive that ____________.

78. Which of the following is not a type of involvement system commonly used in gainsharing plans?

79. Plans that put some portion of the employee’s weekly pay at risk to encourage goal attainment are called ________ pay plans.

80. The Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act ____________.

81. Which regulation ensures that an employer must grant an employee up to 12 weeks of leave in a twelve-month period for the birth or care of a newborn child, placement of a child for adoption, to care for a spouse, child, or parent with a serious health condition, or to care for the employee’s own serious health condition?

82. Which of the following is false regarding the application of the Family and Medical Leave Act?

83. A defined contribution pension plan encourages employees to contribute a portion of their earnings to the fund with an employer contribution that is matched of that of the employee in whole or part is called a(n)_________.

84. Stephanie has opted to work from 7 am to 3 pm so that she can be home when her son comes homes from school in the afternoons. Her company must offer _____ for Stephanie to have this option.

85. Johnson & Johnson has a corporate ethics code that states” we believe our firsgt responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients, to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services.” This is an example of ___________.

86. Capital one welcomes new employees on a designated day with balloons, parties, and pep rallies. This is an example of ___________.

87. Jane is going through her annual appraisal process. Her supervisor follows a standard appraisal form that she believes is consistently applied to all employees. However, the appraisal seems unfair to her because her supervisor is so rude and harsh. Jane has judged the appraisal process as unfair based on an assessment of ________.

88. Unsatisfactory performance, one of the bases for dismissal, is defined as ____________.

89. Which of the following is not a violation of the requirement for good faith bargaining stipulated in the National Labor Relations Act?

90. Permissible bargaining items are ___________.

91. Which intervention method listed below is the most definitive of all third-party interventions?

92. Which form of arbitration seeks to interpret existing contract terms?

93. When managers identify a trait associated with work place accidents and then use this trait as part of the selection process for new hires, they are using ________ to reduce unsafe acts.

94. What employers are bound by the Drug-free workplace Act to eensure a drug-free workplace?

95. Which of the following is a personal factor that can influence perceptions of stress?

96. All of the following is true of smoking employees except_________.

97. According to Geert Hofstede, the extent to which less powerful members of institutions accept and except an unequal power distribution is called _________.

98. In Germany, employees have the legal right to a voice in setting company policies. This is called _______.

99. Mercedes sent a team of executives from Germany to oversee the start-up of its U.S. operations. Mercedes chose _______ to manage this operation.

100. What value classification refers to a conscious belied that only host country managers can ever really understand the culture and behavior of the host country market?

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