Kaplan GB530 Unit 2 discussions

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Discussion 1-

Marketers must constantly be aware of changes in their environment. Effective marketing research is key to understanding changes in a customer base. Many marketing researchers use data mining as a method to learn about their target market segments. Burke Research offers a data mining tool called Digital Dashboard.


  1. View theBurke Video Case Interviewrelated to marketing research methods, specifically the Digital Dashboard.
  2. Read about marketing research methods in our Kotler and Keller textbook.
  3. Select and review one of the following articles ( available in the Kaplan Online Library under the Find Articles & E-Books Tab. In the Searchable Article & Report Collection Links select Business Source Complete)
    • Agard, B., & Kusiak, A. (2004). Data-mining-based methodology for the design of product families.International Journal of Production Research, 8/1/2004, 42(15), pp. 2955-2969.
    • Chung, M. H., & Gray, P. (1999). Special section: Data mining.Journal of Management Information Systems, Summer 99, 16(1), pp.11-16.
    • Chye, K. H.,& Leong, C. K. (2002). Data mining and customer relationship marketing in the banking industry.Singapore Management Review, 2nd half, 24(2), p.1.
    • Hormozi, A., & M., Giles, S. (2004). Data mining: A competitive weapon for banking and retail industries.Information Systems Management, Spring 2004, 21(2), pp. 62-71.
  4. Address the following questions:
    What did you learn about conducting market research? Be sure to refer to the article you chose within your response.
    • Do an internet search and discuss what you find related to the Digital Dashboard. Do you find this to be a useful tool?

Compare and contrast the research method Burke implements with the method

Discussion 2

Key to effective marketing management in a global context is keeping up with current events. As outlined in Unit 1, you need to find a current event topic that interests you and relates to the material we are discussing. You can find an article from the Internet, the Webliography, Kaplan Library or any other reliable source. Remember that Wikipedia is NOT considered a credible source.

NOTE: The article you find must have been written within the past 90 days. Check the Extra! Extra! tab as a starting point for your research.

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