Chapter 6 Managing Employee Separations, Downsizing, and Outplacement

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145. Hernando is working with management to calculate the costs of employee turnover. What issues or costs should Hernando raise to management as they think about these costs?

146. Discuss two categories of employee separations, including the specific types of each.

147. Early retirements are one way to reduce a firm’s workforce. Describe the features and potential pitfalls of an early retirement program.

· hint at possible layoffs to older employees

148. Your CEO asks you, as the director of HR, to lead a layoff planning session. Explain what alternatives to a layoff you could consider.

149. As the director of HR, you have the responsibility of implementing a layoff for a medium-sized company. Review the key issues that must be settled in the implementation.

150. Discuss some strategies you can take in order to reassure surviving employees after a layoff.

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