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Whether one has seen a production, watched an adaption, or visited various sites that analyze August Wilson's Fences, one can agree that this play, though published in the 1980s but set in the 1950s, still resonants with current audiences.


  • For your final paper, choose a scene from the play that stuck with you or made you think about it.
  • Based on the scene, discuss how it "fits" the 1950s and explain its relevancy in today's time period.
  • Include in your discussion how you understand the character(s).
  • If you watched a film adaption or a production, you can also include that in your discussion, especially if it helped you to "see" how the characters interacted or spoke their lines.
  • Include a minimum of two quotes from the play to further support your ideas (make sure your quotes are MLA formatted). If you include any 'outside'/secondary sources, make sure these are properly formatted as well.
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