FACS381 Fashion Brand Promotion Campaign

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FACS 381 Fashion Promotion


Fashion Brand Promotion Campaign

Part-1: Brand Evaluation

Assignment objective: The goal of this assignment to develop a comprehensive understanding of the key elements that contribute to the success and effectiveness of a brand in the market. Through in-depth research and analysis, you will gain insights into the various aspects of branding, including brand identity, positioning, consumer perception, and competitive landscape. This information will be critical in developing marketing and product promotion strategies. You will use this information in developing your final project towards the end of this semester.


Instructions: To develop brand evaluation report (2-4pages), use the following heads:

1. Brand background and history

· Provide an overview of the selected brand, including its history, founding principles, and key milestones.

· Discuss the brand's mission, vision, and core values.

2. Target Audience Analysis

· Identify and describe the brand's target audience or customer group.

· Demographic characteristics—age, gender, education, income and occupation, race and ethnicity, and other factors that you believe are important in understanding your target market.

· Psychographic characteristics—social class, lifestyle characteristics, activities, interests, opinions, and other factors that you believe are important in understanding your target market.

· Explain how the brand tailors its products, marketing, and shopping experience to appeal to this audience.

3. In-store and Online presence

· Evaluate the in-store shopping experience, including store layout, ambiance, and customer service. Discuss any innovative or unique features that set the brand apart.

· Analyze the brand's online presence, including its website, social media, and e-commerce platforms.

4. Competitor and SWOT Analysis

· Identify key competitors (atleast three competitors) in the same retail sector and conduct SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

5. Product Offerings

· Discuss the range of products offered by the brand.

· Assess the quality, uniqueness, and pricing strategy of these offerings.

6. Conclusion Summarize your findings and insights about overall brand’s business approach.

7. Product Selection:

· Identify a product that you would like to sell through your assigned brand. This product should be made from COTTON only and manufactured with innovative technique and sourced ethically.

· Include a picture of the product along with a brief description such as material description, special fabric treatment, eco-friendly natural dyes, recyclability of material, garment style, detail etc. You can pick any design or style (does not necessarily have to come from the brand’s product assortment) that you are interested in selling through this brand. Explain why you have picked this product to sell through your brand.

Note: Follow formatting instructions provided in course syllabus.

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