Unit 3 Case Study - Select a Fortune 500 company and imagine

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Unit 3 Case Study

Select a Fortune 500 company and imagine that you work as a strategist for your selected company. As you read through the Required Unit Resources, pay close attention to your firm’s strategy, and write a case study analyzing the following points:

  • Examine your firm’s internal strengths and weaknesses. How can organizational relationships improve performance in the firm?
  • How does the firm’s growth fit into the firm’s missing and vision statements?
  • Who are your firm’s competitors?
  • Do you see your firm’s strategy as effective or ineffective? Why?

Your completed case study must be at least two pages in length, and you must use at least your textbook as a reference. Other references may be used as needed. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.


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