Describe an appropriate physical environment for creative activities

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Describe an appropriate physical environment for creative activities for young children.

List five safety factors to be considered in the early childhood environment.


Discuss the concept and qualities of play.

Discuss the play theories of Parten, Smilansky, Piaget, and Vgotsky.


1. What major factors should go into a simulated crisis drill?

2. Success is an important element in any simulated crisis drill. What aspects of measuring success are most important in your opinion. Why?


Define generalized motor program and schema.

How does the theory of generalized motor program help create a specific motor schema and adjust this schema when necessary?


Explain how the concepts of probability theory can give rise to puzzle and paradox

Explain why we cannot trust our intuition with probability and yet 99% of the decisions we make in no technical environments are made with the benefits of human experience and intuition.


Consider the three different categories of people who read financial statements – financial analysts, creditors, and investors. Choose one category and provide examples of the types of information the person would be interested in. Explain why each type of information may be important to the person.


When we take good look at the families around us today it's clear they are diverse. There's an increase in single-parent, gay and lesbian, grandparent, blended family, and nontraditional households. It's clear that the family plays a huge role in a child's development. That being said, think about your childhood and your family. Who and what were you surrounded by, impacted by?

Now that you've got a better understanding of child development, please read Developmental Assets. Count the number of "Assets" you experienced as a child (note that some assets are related to the child's internal attitudes and behaviors and others assets are related to external elements of the child's world). After you count your experienced assets, post your number of assets and your reaction to your selected assets.


Based on what you've learned, do you think the number of assets someone has affects their overall development? Why or why not?

Do you think understanding child development can make someone a more effect parent, caregiver, and/or professional working with children? Please explain your answer.  


Define "networking." Then, describe the type of career (i.e., provide a job title) you would like to acquire within the Sport Business industry. Briefly explain the steps you plan to employ in order to pursue your career objective(s).

What is your opinion of the effect that salary caps have had on professional sport? Outside research is welcomed as are your opinions on the subject.

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