Foundations of strategy & external environment

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For your reflection paper I want you to write a reflection on what you have personally learned from this class and how it may be useful to you in your future career. Which specific topics or concepts resonated with you?

Week 1-Foundations of strategy & external environment,

Week 2- Internal analysis,

Week 3-Business level strategies and competitive Dynamics,

Week 4- Corporate and international strategies

Week 5- Governance and Ethics

Which models or ideas do you think you will be able to apply? How do these tools relate to the kind of job you plan to have, or the industry you think you will be in?

To do well, your paper must be thoughtful and specific. Listing back the topics from the syllabus won’t work, nor will very vague pronouncements about “learning to be a better manager” or similar.

Standard formatting applies, double spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, no more than three pages.

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