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Assignment: Professional Development Plan: Competencies of Addiction Professionals

A competency is a skilled trait that demonstrates a high standard of knowledge in a given area. Competencies include required knowledge, skills, and attitudes to perform tasks and responsibilities essential to addiction treatment (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2006). Continued education and professional development are important elements of developing and refining competencies. Intentionally seeking development opportunities and keeping current on the many changes in your profession can enhance the effectiveness of the treatment you provide. It is important that addiction professionals are aware of the competencies required for addiction treatment, including their own strengths and limitations, in order to improve professional development.

For this Assignment, review the resources and select three competencies that you consider most important for an addiction professional. Support your response with references to the resources and current literature.

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Submit a 2to 3-page paper that addresses the following:

· Describe the three competencies that you selected and explain why you consider these the most important competencies for addiction professionals.

· Explain any competencies that you may need to further develop and explain why.

· Describe professional development opportunities that you might participate in to strengthen professional competencies.

Use APA Format


Core Competencies for Peer Workers in Behavioral Health Services (

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