Week 4 - The organization of early childhood education curriculum

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week 4

For this week, reflect on your prior learning in this course. The primary focus of this assignment is the organization of early childhood education curriculum. You will select and review 3-5 scholarly articles on early childhood curriculum organizational approaches. You will use the information from the articles to write a paper that analyzes a curriculum organizational approach.

The administrator of an early childhood center has called a meeting of the lead teachers for each of the three pre-kindergarten classrooms. According to their job descriptions, lead teachers must take responsibility for the development of curriculum plans that will be implemented in their classrooms. Using early childhood education theories and models, the administrator wants the group to develop a list of three criteria that they can use in deciding the projects or themes and that the corresponding activities are appropriate for the curriculum. Justify each criterion with a discussion of selected theory and model.

Length: 2 pages, excluding title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of three (3) scholarly references that are seminal references or published within the last five (5) years.

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