What are the elements of a claim for trademark infringement

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Question 1 (should be at least 300 words)

What are the elements of a claim for trademark infringement? Please also provide an example of trademark infringement.

Question 2 (should be at least 300 words)

Does a school need to satisfy each part of the three-part test to be in compliance with Title IX? Explain your answer.

Question 3 (should be at least 150 words)

Provide an example of a sports league rule that has become the subject anti-trust litigation because of accusations that the rules are or were too restrictive.

Question 4 (should be at least 150 words)

Create your own fact pattern to illustrate an example of a violation of the First Amendment in the public school setting. Please avoid the school prayer examples that we discussed in the forums. Just remember, a fact pattern is a made-up story that illustrates a legal issue without actually discussing the legal rules raised by the fact pattern created.

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