Unit 4 Discussion 1&2 - Engineering Challenge & Makerspaces

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Unit 4.1 DB: Engineering Challenge!

Complete the following challenge at home using materials that you have on hand:

There is a full vessel (bucket, pot, or other container) of water on the floor in the middle of the room and an empty vessel four feet away. Your challenge is to devise a system to move the water from the full vessel to the empty one. You can move the water in whatever fashion you wish, but you cannot lift or move either of the vessels. Use whatever materials you want and have at home to create your system.

In your initial post answer the following questions about designing your system and completing the challenge:


List the everyday tools in your home environment that you used or repurposed to solve this challenge. Briefly, why did you choose them? What properties of the tools did you need to consider?

Background and prior knowledge

Think about how your background experiences and prior knowledge informed your solution. Describe a childhood experience or other association that relates to this challenge.

Challenge with children

What are some ways that you could engage children’s background and prior knowledge or experience when doing this in your classroom?

List two vocabulary words you would highlight during this challenge. Briefly explain your word selections, including how they will enhance conceptual knowledge.

Read two peers’ approaches to this engineering challenge. Reflect on their thinking, tinkering, and problem-solving processes. Compare your system to your classmates’ systems. What was similar? Describe the creative differences. Did your classmates move the water more effectively than you did?

Unit 4.2 DB: Makerspaces

Search for a makerspace on the web. Explore the website of the makerspace and note the kinds of activities that it supports and the programs that is offers. Are there programs for young kids related to STEM?

In your initial post:

Share the name and website address of the makerspace that you explored. Briefly describe the programs and activities that it offers for children and families, as well as teens and adults. Name a STEM related activity at the makerspace that appeals to you.

Using common materials that you have at home, design a makerspace for your family. Think of an activity that you can do with your family in your makerspace. How would this activity involve tinkering or how can you design the activity to include tinkering?

Document your family makerspace and activity using one of these options:

Option 1: Take a picture of the tools and materials that you collected for your makerspace and include text describing your makerspace setup, family activity and how the activity will involve tinkering.

Option 2: Record a short video in which you show and describe your makerspace setup, family activity and how the activity will involve tinkering. If needed, review the instructions to Post a personal YouTube video in Blackboard available in the Unit Supplemental Resources.

With your peers, discuss the various ways that you could include makerspace areas and tinkering activities in your early education classrooms. What are some ways that you could get diverse families involved in your classroom makerspace activities?

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