Assignment - Imagine you work as a case manager at a probation

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Summative Assessment: Rehabilitation as a Part of the Sentencing Process

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Imagine you work as a case manager at a probation facility. You are training a new case manager on the relationship between sentencing and rehabilitation and how human services plays a role in rehabilitation of justice-involved individuals. Create an 11 slide PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes for your trainee. Address the following in your presentation:

(1 slide) Introduce the topic.

(2–3 slides) Describe the sentencing process: How does the sentencing process make it easier for a justice-involved individual to identify their need for rehabilitation? Using examples, how can sentencing persuade individuals into rehabilitation?

(2–3 slides) Explain what sentencing rehabilitation is. Why should sentencing be a part of the rehabilitation process?

(1–2 slides) Discuss the role of a case manager in the sentencing process and how case managers should refer individuals to rehabilitation or other services when it is needed.

(1–2 slides) Discuss the role of the probation manager in the sentencing process. What is a pre-sentencing report? Who gets it? How is it used?

(1–2 slides) Explain sentencing’s role in the entire justice process.

(2–4 slides) Describe 2 evidence-based research studies on a sentencing program or innovative process that supports 1 of the following 4 principles (make sure to define and explain the principle, too): Proportionality, Equity, Individualization, and Parsimony

(1 slide) Include a slide for resources.

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