CUNY LEH353 Unit 1 Assignment Latest 2022 March

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LEH353 Studies in the Arts

Unit 1 Assignment

Intro to Class Orientation

Weekly Writing Prompt:

Take this opportunity to introduce yourself to us. What are your reasons for taking this course? What types of music do you normally listen to? Do you have any hopes or expectations from this class (are you looking forward to it or dreading the fact that you need the general education requirement)?

Write 150-200 words that allow us to get an idea of who you are as a student, listener, and/or musician. This assignment gives you an opportunity to learn now to upload papers. Here, as with all of your assignments this semester, you must upload a standard file format: Word (DOC), RTF, PDF, and HTML are the recommended options. You MUST include a file extension (the .doc) for it to be recognized. Failure to follow these directions may result in a zero on an assignment.

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