ARTS205 Virtual Art Exhibit, You will visit “virtual” online

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ARTS 205

Virtual Art Exhibit Assignment Instructions



You will visit “virtual” online museums and galleries that include art from the 20th and 21st century. There are numerous examples in both Christian and secular galleries and museums.


1. Spend some time thinking about the particular artists you may like. Throughout this course, you will visit 5 virtual online exhibits of your choice and write a 100 word summary about an artist for each module the assignment is due based on a website you visited and include a link to his/her work.


2. Take time to look in the required books for this course to help you understand what period or movement the artists may be part of. You will also want to spend time online looking for information about the artists. Tip: Try thinking about starting with The Museum of Modern Art website.


All creative work for this course should reflect the skills and artistic ability God has given you. Your goal for this course should be to put forth your best effort and to strive for excellence and growth.

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