Choose two artworks in two different media, i.e. sculpture

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 write a 7  pages. comparison and contrast paper on two artworks. Choose two artworks from any official museum website:





1. Choose two artworks in two different media, i.e. sculpture and painting, by two different artists in two different styles from two different cultures. Choose artworks from official online museum websites only.

2. Begin your essay with an Introduction and end with a Conclusion, each 4-6 sentences in length.

3. Research each artist and stylistic movement or civilization. Apply the visual elements in a comparison and contrast pattern of development. 

4.  Briefly research the artists' biography and define the stylistic movement, and place the artwork within a cultural context (two-three paragraphs). 

5. Write a stylistic analysis of three-five paragraphs. Develop paragraphs of three-five sentences in length, each of which begins with a topic sentence for each applicable visual element or principle of design! Be sure to clearly define and illustrate the use of each term by describing specific areas of the artwork’s composition.

6. Provide at least two research references for each artwork, in addition to the textbook.  Use may use online scholarly sources such as Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History (Links to an external site.); Khan Academy (Links to an external site.) and Smarthistory (Links to an external site.).

Apply those following concepts in your comparison and contrast essay.

--Style (Abstract and Stylized or Realistic, Naturalistic, Ideal?):

----Iconography (symbolism or narrative): -----Form (shape or structure; 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional): ----- Composition (arrangement of forms in space; balanced; symmetrical; asymmetrical) ----Technique (handling of materials): -----Line (contour; implied line of sight; thick; precise; broken)

-----Light (additive or natural; reflected; implied inside or outside the picture frame): ----Color (value/tonality (light or dark) /hue (name) /saturation or intensity (relative purity) -----Chiaroscuro (shading or modeling of form with dark and light):

-----Texture (quality of surface; rough, shiny, smooth): ------Pattern ------Mass (bulk density): ------Volume (space mass organizes):

------Perspective (linear, aerial, estimated, vanishing point, orthogonals; creates the illusion space recedes into the distance on a 2D surface)

------Foreshortening (figures represented at angles to the picture plane surface and literally shortened to create the illusion of 3-D and projection into space): ------Proportion (relation of parts to the whole; i.e. Canon of ideal human proportions):

------Scale (relative size relation between members of a group; hierarchy of scale: one figure is larger than the rest): ------Time and Motion: -------Emphasis and Focal Point:

-------Unity and Variety --------Repetition and Rhythm


Use MLA source citation method (Author, page) in body text to document your research, and attach a separate Works Cited page.  

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