Analyze a historical (artist, art period or movement)

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Justify a thesis in ten (10) pages emphasizing critical thought with regard to a historical problem or question impacting the art world; Synthesize empirical data of gathered detailed or factual information in a comprehensive and structured fashion; Analyze a historical (artist, art period or movement) question or problem; compare and contrast the development of artistic perspectives and interpretations in correlation to the art historical problems or questions you’ve elected to explore. Use APA style using this reference:


Some questions to help jumpstart your thinking about the works:

  • Why should anyone care about your topic and point of view?
  • What is unique to your topic?
  • How are the works similar in aesthetics and subject matter? How are they different?
  • What need or desire did these works fulfill? What context brought them into being and how were they experienced?
  • What problems (aesthetic, conceptual, social, etc) were the artists tackling in the works?
  • How have other artists and cultures approached the same subject matter?
  • What do the works say about the time and place in which they were made?
  • How do the works differ from other works made around the same time (both within the same culture and across cultures)?
  • How might a different, synchronous culture react to this work?
  • How does the history of acquisition and display of art historical objects impact our understanding and view of them
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