Week 4 - Whether scholarship athletes in revenue-producing sports

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Week 4 Question

Every year, much is made of the question of whether scholarship athletes in revenue-producing sports are receiving college educations. NCAA officials argue that since the passage of several academic reform measures, the academic performance of athletes continues to improve. Still, others argue that even if the measures of academic performance, such as the academic progress rate (APR) and graduation success rate (GSR), appear to be improving, those measures may not be telling the full story. In effect, as pressures to keep athletes eligible to play have increased, there may be greater pressure to cluster athletes in “easy” majors.

Read the 2015 article “Why Student-Athletes Continue to Fail Links to an external site.” Why Student Athletes Continue To Fail | TIME and the following news release from the NCAA website: “DI to Distribute Revenue Based on Academic DI to distribute revenue based on academics - NCAA.org 

is there a problem with revenue-producing athletes not graduating at the same rates as other athletes or the general student population?

Are athletes clustered into easy courses or majors?

What is the NCAA doing to prevent this from happening?

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