Child Development - Speak with two parents of young

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Child Development

Speak with two parents of young children who are of distinctly different cultural groups in your class or in your neighborhood.  I encourage you to ask questions about what children are like and how they should be educated.

The following questions might be considered: What learning and behaviors should be expected of children ages birth through age 2?  What should teachers do to ensure that children are learning? What should classrooms for these the age groups be like?

Take your notes from both interviews and write a one page summary reflection on the questions below: 

How were the two parents' answers different? How were they alike? 

Which sources of information does the adult use to answer these questions? For example, does this adult rely on research? On systematic observation? On personal opinion?

To what degree do answers reflect family background, culture, or other life experiences? For example, does this adult rely on beliefs passed down from parents or other family members? Does this adult refer to conditions in the neighborhood or community that influence thinking about children? 

What can you conclude about cultural differences in parenting beliefs and practices? 

In your summary reflection include a paragraph about what you learned and how the information will impact you as a teacher or as you work with young children. Use Chapter 1 in your book to validate your writing as a citation.  

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