Sally is a third-grade student with an identified specific

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Directions: Read the scenario below and then respond to the questions/statements which follow.

Scenario: Sally is a third-grade student with an identified specific learning disability in the academic areas of reading comprehension and math reasoning. Sally requires a resource level of support whereby she spends the majority of her school day within her general education third-grade classroom. Sally spends at least 20% of her school day receiving specialized instruction in the areas of reading comprehension and math reasoning (i.e., the academic areas where her disability manifests itself). Sally's specialized instruction may include small group instruction with the special education teacher outside or inside of her classroom. Based on what you have learned about inclusion:

1. Are Sally's current special education services consistent with the inclusion model? You will need to state "yes Sally's instruction is consistent with the inclusion model" or "no, Sally's instruction is not consistent with the model in the first sentence. Then explain why? Why not?

2. What could Sally's general education third-grade teacher do to help support Sally within the third-grade classroom? (Discuss at least 3 accommodations.)

750 words- 2 references

Submit in MS word or RTF format only. Double-space, please. Do not recopy the question back into your submission.

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