Methodology - Describe methods, populations

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Having developed a research or project question and conducted a literature review, the next step is to apply an appropriate research methodology to address the research or project question. When choosing a research methodology or Capstone project technique, it is essential that the researcher chooses a methodology or technique that matches the research or project question.

For clarity, learners completing a dissertation use the terms "research question" and "research method." Learners completing a Capstone Project use the terms "project question" and "project technique."

Use your readings and research to determine which method would be best for your topic. Review the format of the methodology section by comparing it to others you examined. For your methodology section:

  • Describe methods, populations, and ethics for the system and application security issue.
    • The approved qualitative method or technique is generic qualitative inquiry.
    • The approved quantitative method or technique is quantitative regression.
  • Synthesize the current best quantitative or qualitative methodological approach for your system and application security issue.
  • For quantitative regression method or technique, identify which instrument will be used for operational or measuring variables; for qualitative research, what interview questions will be asked.
  • Describe the population chosen and how participants are contacted.
  • Describe how sampling is performed.

Review the specific documents from your program on research methodology.

Your writing should demonstrate critical thinking skills, a writing style in which sentences are clear, concise, and direct, and provide a well-supported analysis using appropriately formatted references.

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