Unit 3 Discussion - There are many types of leadership

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Unit 3 

For this Discussion Board, please complete the following:

There are many types of leadership styles. Some are called by different names, but they can be categorized by 1) Transactional, 2) Transformational, 3) Visionary, 4) Charismatic, and 5) Team Leadership. You have probably experienced many of these styles in your life (although you probably didn’t know exactly what they were called.)

In addition to the Intellipath lessons from Week 2, please take a look at the following video for additional information, then answer the questions below: 

Leadership 5 Types of Leadership Style

  • Describe in your current workplace (or a former one) the leadership style most used by your manager. 
  • Interpret if this is the best suited style for your work group. 
  • Discuss whether a different leadership style would have been more effective and why.
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