Part 1&2 - Explain the type of data, analyses, and interviews

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Part 1

(This is Continuing research for technology business analyst in the technology management)

Question: Explain the type of data, analyses, and interviews conducted this week for the technology business analyst? What learning material is needed and additional resources? Explain the types of research that will need to be conducted next week? Must be answered in (200) words not including references.

Part 2

Provide an update to the culminating project identifying: 

a) areas that required additional research, and b) continue developing the report to reflect current research, data analysis, interviews, and progress toward recommendations. (1000) words not including references

· Execute your problem analysis or business planning strategies resulting in materials that will ultimately support your recommendations;

· Identify areas requiring further research;

· Analyze a variety of literature to include books, business periodicals, online database references etc.

· You can conduct information gathering interviews and/or focus groups

· Continue to evolve your project documentation whereby you are efficiently recording information in your analysis and moving towards the process of making recommendations

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