Salary determination for American Airlines

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Salary determination for American Airlines

Task #1 – Background of the Domestic Airlines industry in the US

· Define the industry (history, size, revenues for the last complete year, etc.)

· Discuss and give examples of the financial health of the industry as a whole

· What is the current news and trends for this industry?

· List the major companies in the industry and the market share of each (make a table!)

ALL: Identify one of the major companies in the industry for the report

ALL: Choose a job opening on the company’s career page (cannot be a position in HR & must be located in the US – recommended to choose a fairly common job title)

Task #2 – Job Posting / Understanding the Job

· Include:

· The title of the position and the URL for the job

· The actual posting from the company website (will be added to the Appendix)

· Other important factors about the job

· Gather information on the position (use various sources – O*NET, Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook, competitor’s postings)

· Use interviews or observing incumbents in the job if easily accessible

· The information will be used for the rest of the project and may not necessarily need to be submitted but shown as a source

Task #3 – Job Description / Essential Competencies

· Use the Template of Job Analysis (found in the syllabus) – include sources used

· Develop, describe, and submit a list of essential competencies needed to do the job (see textbook for examples)

· Identify and choose only the most critical/essential competencies required to demonstrate high performance – there should no more than 6-10 competencies selected – while all competencies seem desirable, not all are critical!

· Differentiate between high performers and average performers

Task #4 – Person Specification (KSAOs) / Job Requirement Matrix

· Use the Template of Person Analysis (found in the syllabus)

· Determine whether the KSAOs are essential/desirable

· Develop a Job Requirements Matrix

· Table 4-11 on page 103 of the textbook can be used as a guide

Task #5 – Salary Determination

· Analyze and determine the expected salary range for the position (create tables to aid discussion)

· Include Nationally what the current salary range is

· Use sources like BLS Occupational Handbook, salary websites

· Include Locally what the salary range is – base on the city or county in the job posting

· Use BLS video from Week 2 for assistance

· Justify recommendation on selected salary range – not necessarily what the company is currently paying/offering

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