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You are a manager at a baby formula manufacturing facility. There are global supply chain issues which are impacting the availability of raw materials and a rapid increase in demand is preventing your company from fulfilling customer orders. There is not enough inventory in stock to provide the product to all of your customers, which include some major supermarkets and smaller stores in your region. Utilizing current production standards, it would be at least 45 days before you can ramp up production to meet the demand. Your production team comes to you with the suggestion that the company decrease the quality of the baby formula to meet demand. Given the limited inventory and the high demand, there are decisions that you have to make as a manager regarding the quality and supply distribution of the product. 

Using ethical-decision making models, answer the following questions: 

  • As a manager how would you decide how to divide the available supply of product among the various customers? 
  • Would you alter the production method to get the product on the market sooner although it will diminish its quality?
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