Unit 3 CA Part 1&2 - Develop a scaled timeline of events

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Unit 3 – CA – Geologic Time Scales & More!

Part 1: Develop a scaled timeline of events from your lifetime.

Time, especially geologic time, can be abstract. One way to help conceptualize time when it gets to be abstract is to draw it out, spatially. With this first exercise, I would like you to create your own scaled timeline, based on events in your lifetime. Here are the guidelines to follow:

· Draw a line that is 10 cm long. All of your events will fit along this 10 cm line.

· Label the year you were born on one side of the line and today (2020) on the other side. See example below. Include both the words and the year.

· Add at least five events from your lifetime onto the line. Complete the table below to show each event and where exactly along the timeline this event occurred.

· You may draw your timeline by hand or create a digital version – which ever you prefer.

· Once your timeline is complete, place a ruler along the time line, take a picture, and embed the picture into the question on Canvas associated with this assignment.



Learned how to ride a bike

Graduated from Bruton High School





Saw Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg in concert

Example Timeline:



Your events

Year Event Occurred

Where this event lies along your timeline

(show your work below)
















(20 pts total)

Part 2: Use the geologic time scale from your book and create a scaled geologic time scale that includes the Eons, Eras (of the Phanerozoic only), and one Period (you choose which one).

The length of your time scale should be 20cm (that means the scale is 20cm=4.6Ga). Be sure to include the ages for the boundaries of each unit you include. Label and color in each unit. When you are finished, place a ruler next to your time scale and take a picture and upload/embed just like in Part 1.

Follow-up questions: (answer these in Canvas)

What evidence do you suppose geologists use (in the rock record) to determine the boundaries of each division of geologic time? (i.e. what evidence is used to define a geologic unit?) (3 pts)

How is the Geologic Time scale an example of relative dating? (2 pts)

How is the Geologic Time Scale an example of absolute dating? (2 pts)

Choose five units from the geologic time scale. What is the origin or meaning of each name? (for example, the Permian is named after the Perm region of Russia where a geologist spent a lot of time studying rocks of this time-span and ultimately used to distinguish this specific interval of time) (10 pts)

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