What does it mean that the Oregon Coast is part of an active

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Field Trip Report (Geology)

Assignment (field trip report):

Using handouts, your field notes, and online resources, write a 3-5-page paper and answer the following questions.

1. What does it mean that the Oregon Coast is part of an active continental margin?

2. How is being on an active continental margin related to the development of the Oregon Coast Range and the Cascades?

3. What types of landforms, rocks, and sediments did you encounter during the field trip?

4. How do they relate to your answer to the second question? Think, how were they evidence for that story?

5. What kinds of coastal hazards did the communities that we visited have to contend with? How are they doing so? How are they not doing so?


In writing your paper use a 12-point font, standard 1-1/2 margins, and double-space your text. Include at least 3 sources in your paper.

Some Web resources to review and reference in your paper

? Field trip guide to Cascadia paleoseismic evidence along the northern Oregon coast: Evidence of subduction zone seismicity in the central Cascadia margin,1993, Peterson C., Darienzo M., Burns S, and Harris W. Ore Bin ( Oregon Department of Geology )


? Local Tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest, US Geological Survey / Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center, last accessed Sep 23, 2022


? Oregon - A Geologic History - Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, last accessed Sep 23, 2022


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