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Writing Assignment: Famous Igneous Rocks

Some very famous stone products are made out of igneous rocks. Select one of the items in the list below and do some research on it. Then write a creative story about the travels or life history of the rock that makes up the item. Your story can be as creative as you like but must at least include:

An explanation of the conditions under which the igneous rock was formed in the first place

What the product is today, where it is located, and why it is famous


For example, if you choose an item made of granite, explain under what conditions granite forms, and then explain how your item is used today or why it is famous and where someone could find it. Do not exceed one typed page in length. Choose from the following items:

Mt. Rushmore (made of granite)

Plymouth Rock (the actual rock, not the place) (made of dacite)

the Rosetta Stone (made of dacite)

the Easter Island Statues (made of several igneous rocks, including basalt)

the Code of Hammurabi (made of diorite)

the Roman Pantheon (made of granite)

rock samples brought back from the moon during the Apollo 15 mission (made of anorthosite, an igneous rock that has a texture and composition similar to granite)


Submit your completed assignment to the Writing Assignment: Famous Igneous Rocks assignment link for grading. For more information on how this assignment will be graded, review the Writing Assignment: Famous Igneous Rocks Rubric.



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