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For project 1, please provide short answers for the following:

  • Explain how geology incorporates the other sciences, and how it is different from the other sciences
  • Discuss why we study the Earth and what type of work geologists do
  • Define some of the properties of a mineral and explain the differences between minerals and rocks
  • Describe the nature of atoms and their constituents, particularly the behavior of electrons and the formation of ions
  • Apply your understanding of atoms to explain bonding within minerals
  • Describe mineral lattices and explain how they influence mineral properties
  • Categorize minerals into groups based on their compositions
  • Describe a silica tetrahedron and the ways in which tetrahedra combine to make silicate minerals
  • Differentiate between ferromagnesian and other silicate minerals
  • Explain some of the mechanisms of mineral formation
  • Describe some of the important properties for identifying minerals
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