SF Earthquake - 1906 SF Earthquake

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 SF Earthquake

Topic? 1906 SF Earthquake

All term papers should include a brief introduction and conclusion, in addition to the obviously required body of the paper. The main body of the paper should be organized into separate paragraphs that each have a clear and concise topic.

The topic descriptions included here are to be used as general guidelines, but other information pertinent to your topic should also be included as you see fit. Decide on your organization before you start writing and develop each paragraph according to your organizational scheme. (Do not just randomly list or ramble about the topic!!)

When and where did it occur?

• What is the tectonic setting

o Plate boundary? Movement of the plates? Displacement yearly?

• Type of fault the earthquake occurred on?

• What is the focal depth? Location of the epicenter? Magnitude? Intensity?

• How much displacement occurred? length of rupture of the fault?

• Destruction/Human impact

o What hazards occurred?

o Ground shaking and destruction associated with it?

o Liquefaction? Landslides? Etc.

o Cost of damage? Injuries? Etc.

• What was learned from the earthquake?

• Social, financial, environmental, etc. impacts?

• Changes made in the wake of the earthquake?

• Contributions to science as a result of this earthquake?

• If there is anything about the quake that you find particularly interesting, include it.

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