There are subtle—but distinct—differences between communicating

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Different-Speak: Gender And Culture

There are subtle—but distinct—differences between communicating with an individual and a group. Communication among group members can be seen as a microcosm of communication within the entire organization. Using the company that you selected in Week 1, complete the following analysis to show the differences between writing and communicating a message:

  • Select 2 communication channels to present 1 message to (a) an individual employee within the organization and (b) a group within the organization.
  • Describe a new product being released by your company by writing messages of 400–500 words to (a) the individual, and (b) the group.
    • For the individual employee message, consider how the new product affects the individual’s job or role within the organization. How would you customize the message?
    • What considerations are important in the message for a larger group? Are there specific differences? Answer these questions in the analysis.
    • Lastly, explain what communication channels are most effective when dealing with individual employees, a group, and the larger organization. Consider cross-communication platforms, too. How do they complement each other?

Provide 1–2 sources other than your textbook to support your answer. Use APA style for citations.

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