Solos And Duos - Group Vs. Individual Communication

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Solos And Duos: Group Vs. Individual Communication

To get started on your final Key Assignment, you will select a global company and begin working to create an internal communication plan for that company. Each week’s assignment will be iterative, helping you research and start to develop a workplace communication plan. You will use research to study your selected company and design an internal communication plan. You may select a company that you are interested in, or choose one from this list of top global companies in the following link:

You have been assigned to a global work team tasked with creating a strategic internal employee communications plan for your workplace. Before the team can get started, you must examine the workplace to identify what the overall strategy must cover. Consider the following when brainstorming your communication strategy:

  • Sketch out your understanding of communication with a visual map.
  • Determine the best platforms for communication (virtual or face-to-face).
  • Develop at least 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of electronic and in-person communication.
  • Compare and contrast 2 written and oral communication methods.

Provide 1–2 sources other than your textbook to support your answer. Use APA style for citations.

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