Week 4 Discussion - Describe your communication goal

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Week 4 Discussion

For this discussion, you should recount an incident you faced in which you were challenged by technology when communicating with another person or a small group of people. In your post, describe the situation and your intended communication goal. Then outline the nature of the technological challenge that you faced in trying to achieve this goal, and describe the solution you found. Include how you found the solution. Additionally, if your situation was never resolved, you may propose and describe a solution.

Please follow these four steps to write your initial post, which should be 300 to 350 words and must be supported by at least one properly cited resource (do not cite the entire text to support your entire post):

  • Describe your communication goal and its context
  • Explain the technological challenge you faced in achieving this goal
  • Analyze how you overcame that challenge, or propose and analyze a solution
  • Describe the lesson(s) you learned that may be applied in the future
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