Speech Communication Week 1 Discussions

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Speech Communication Week 1 Discussions

Activity 1: Discussion

Context: Our discussion this week will focus on verbal identity. Verbal identity can be conveyed through multiple avenues including:

· Personal Branding

· Advertising/Marketing

· Websites

· Social Media: Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook

· Famous soliloquies

Speeches are another way of communicating verbal identity. When you think of historical and contemporary speeches, which speeches do you relate to? What speakers do you admire? How do those speakers verbally communicate who they are? Creative people especially artists often depend on their "work" to express their feelings, their messages, their opinions. How can you express your identity creatively through speech?

Description: Select 5 short speeches to listen to or read on  http://thisibelieve.org/essays/featured/ . Pick one and write 4-5 paragraphs discussing the following:

· Which speeches appealed to you and why.

· What did the speaker bring to the speech that made it memorable? You are just listening to the speakers here, so without the benefit of nonverbal, what do you notice about their speaking style?

Activity 2: Discussion

Context: Our readings define communication as transactional, thus public speaking as a communication act is a transactional process. The speaker’s hope is to share meaning with his or her listeners. Communication competence is engaging in communication with others in an appropriate and effective way. You must first gain knowledge of basic rules, practice your speaking skills, strengthen your commitment to becoming competent, and be sensitive and ethical as you communicate your ideas.

Description: Based on your readings, reflect on some general ways to achieve public speaking competence. Consider what things you already do well and what you need to improve on.

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