COUN6317S/ 6317D/ 6346 Week 9 Discussion Latest 2023

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Week 9 Discussion

Required Readings

•Cappella, E., Hamre, B. K., Kim, H. Y., Henry, D. B., Frazier, S. L., Atkins, M. S., &Schoenwald, S. K. (2012). Teacher consultation and coaching within mental health practice: Classroom and child effects in urban elementary schoolsLinks to an external site.. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 80(4), 597–610.

•Cholewa, B., Goodman-Scott, E., Thomas, A., & Cook, J. M. (2018). Teachers’ perceptions and experiences consulting with school counselors: A qualitative studyLinks to an external site.. Professional School Counseling, 20(1), 77–88.

•Lindsey, L., Robertson, P., & Lindsey, B. (2018) Expressive arts and mindfulness: Aiding adolescents in understanding and managing their stressLinks to an external site.. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, 13(3), 288-297,

•Visser, M. J., & du Plessis, J. (2015). An expressive art group intervention for sexually abused adolescent femalesLinks to an external site.. Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 27(3), 199–213.

Required Media

•Joyce, M. R. (1990). Rational-emotive parent consultationLinks to an external site.. School Psychology Review, 19(3), 304–314.


To prepare for the Discussion:

•Review this week’s Learning Resources.

•Select a disorder or topic related to counseling children or adolescents. Be sure to choose a different disorder or topic than your Week 8 Discussion.

•Use the Walden Library, and conduct an internet search to research this issue.

Write a post in which you:

•Describe the disorder or topic you selected, and provide a brief overview of how the behavior can present in children or adolescents. Make sure to select a different issue or topic than you selected in the Week 8 Discussion.

•Select a resource you would provide for teachers that would be helpful for them to learn information, a skill, or strategy to use with your selected disorder or topic. Make sure to provide any links or supporting documents for your colleagues to access.

•Write a short script where you explain to the teacher why you selected this resource and how they can use it.


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