COM120 - What are the different cultures represented

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Movie of Your Choice

Answer all of questions. Provide a brief summary of the movie. For each question, write a clear explanation of why the scenes you choose reflects the Interpersonal Communication element noted in the question. You must CITE & REFERENCE THE BOOK by providing examples, page numbers, and comparisons to information previously discussed or read. Each question is worth five (5) points. I will be looking for application of theories and concepts relating to interpersonal communication. This paper is to be 4 – 5 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins. Make sure your name is on the paper (There is no need for the class name, date, or my name, I already know that information.).

Movie Summary: One paragraph (year, director, actors, plot line)

1. What are the different cultures represented in this movie? How are they represented?

(Collectivist/Indiv.; Power Distance; Ambiguity Tolerance; Masc./Fem; Context) Explain specifically.

2. What were some of the nonverbal signals you saw in the movie? What did they represent?

3. Identify 2 incidents where lying played a role in the conversation. What type of lies, what were the behaviors?

4. When was silence used to send a message? What were the non-verbals you witnessed? What was the message?

5. Identify one scene where paralanguage played a role in clarifying a message.

6. Identify a scene where there was confirmation, and one where there was disconfirmation.

7. Identify the stages of a relationship that developed over the course of the movie.

8. Identify a conflict style in the movie (collaboration, avoiding, etc.).

9. Identify a scene where haptics (touch communication) played a role.

10. Briefly evaluate your own awareness and/or changes in your own Interpersonal Communication as a result of this class.

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