COMM1250 Module 3 Figurative Language

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COMM 1250 MOD 3 Figurative Language

  1. Create a (500 t) that explains how figurative language can be used in different cultural contexts. For example, we use a lot of metaphors in the United States. Do other cultures do this?
    • Review the Grammarly Blog article from the Module 3 Lesson, “Figurative Language Examples: How to Use These 5 Common Types” by Matt Ellis (also linked below).
    • Select three of the following types of figurative language covered in the article: simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, and allusion. 
    • Explain how each is used in the United States and in another culture.
    • Discuss how a person from a different culture might respond to the use of each type of figurative language you selected.  
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