Education Week 5 Communications Assignment

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Education Week 5 Communications Assignment

Activity 2: Paper

Context: It seems intimidating to consider your audience when giving a speech, but what if the medium were different? Think about papers that you have written over the years. Or, instead of writing a paper or giving a speech, what if you were writing an advertisement or public service announcement. Where would the advertisement or announcement appear? What channel? During what shows? Or what magazine? Which section? And what would the advertisement or announcement look like? More importantly, WHY would it appear on those channels during those shows or in those sections of those particular magazines? How does the audience relate to the shows and magazines where the information would appear? Once you think about what you know about your audience based on this approach, how do you think you would get and keep the audiences' attention in a speaking situation? What techniques can you use?

Description: In a 1-2 page paper, do an audience analysis of your COM 210 class. Consider gender and generation differences and the type of audience you think they will be. What are concerns you have about giving a final speech in class? Are there any particular topics that you think would/and or wouldn’t be well received in class?

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