Intercultural Communication - People from different values

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Intercultural Communication

People from different values, cultures and backgrounds have to deal with issues of intercultural communication.  For example Boomers bring one set of values, practices, and communication preferences to an interaction, while Millennials and Gen Zers bring another.  These differences can be a significant barrier to successful communication.  The result of this clash can be a lack of clarity or even offense from one party to the other. 

This is a fantastic article about cross-cultural communication that I think everyone would benefit from reading.  Check it out: Links to an external site.

In this weeks discussion answer the following prompts:

1. Discuss how intercultural barriers affect the way you communicate when you encounter people of different cultural backgrounds. Are you always aware of these barriers? What do you do to prevent these barriers from affecting your communication?

2. Share an example of a time when an intercultural barrier impacted your ability to communicate with another person.

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