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Summarize the key concepts in a chapter – you don’t have

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Summarize the key concepts in a chapter – you don’t have to cover the case studies in the text but you may use them as examples, if you wish.   Pick a chapter that you would like to think more deeply about and summarize the key points, including some of your thoughts and questions regarding the chapter. 
A typical paper organization may look like:
First ½: summarize the key concepts from the chapter
Second ½: additional thoughts about the key concepts, questions raised by the chapter, thinking about the chapter as it relates to the criminal justice system. 

Paper 1: Due June 19. Covers ONE chapter from chapters 1-4.
Paper 2: Due July 2. Covers ONE chapter from chapters 5-12.

Format: Chose ONE: 
1. Traditional essay – 3-5 pages, proper spelling grammar, citations. APA style citations (NO Running Head or Abstract, though)


I don’t expect outside citations – these aren’t research assignments, but if you do use outside sources, YOU MUST CITE THEM.  DON’T PLAGIARIZE!!  

I’m trying to make sure you understand the key concepts in the chapters so you just need to hit the highlights and what you find most interesting. These are relatively short papers so you can’t get into much depth in any of the topics – we are trying to cover breadth of the whole chapter. 

I do want to know what you are finding interesting – NOT just an outline of the chapters. 
PROOFREAD!! If I can’t read it, or understand the point you are trying to convey because of spelling or grammatical errors, I can’t grade it.
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