states the client organization, selected country for expansion,

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Countries - India and China need 5 pages. No need table of contents or front page I just need details about countries. 

  1. Title page

    • states the client organization, selected country for expansion, the client's products or services and value chain activity to be exported (if any) 

    • date and your name

  2. Table of contents

    • page numbers for each major section

  3. Executive summary

  • summarizes the results of your analysis and how you arrived at the recommendation
  • belongs on a separate page from the introduction to the paper

     4. Introduction (first page of paper body)

  • states the purpose of the paper

  • explains what the paper will do

  • introduces the industry, the organization's name,  and the  countries compared,

     5. Country comparison (compare country A and B  within each of these categories; 

  • PESTEL ANALYSIS of market OPPORTUNITY (Economic value)    

    •  opportunity assessment for value chain activities (if any) for expansion
    • assessment of product/service market potential in countries 
    • Opportunity support factors   
    • Support for client operational needs 
  • THREAT  analysis 
    • Country threats  (PESTEL)
    • Threat from Industry forces in country
      • Level of Competitive threat
      • Primary competitors
    • threats to client operational needs

     6.  Recommended threat mitigation strategies 

     7.  Conclusion 

  • one- or two-page summary of the recommendations and rationale

     8.  Reference

  • APA-style reference page

     9.  Appendices

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