Family System - The Socio-Ecological model of mental health 

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Family System

 Read Chapter 12 of the text and review The Socio-Ecological model of mental health LC Eco Model 2.2021.pdf 

 Download LC Eco Model 2.2021.pdf  which provides a framework wot understand how individuals, families,  organization, community and social factors influence an individual.  Review the Socio-Ecological Model for mental health. 

 * Discuss how you  would apply each level of influence in your understanding of how it  explains the way a child in the Juvenile Justice system could develop  his/her behaviors that led to incarceration. 

*Be sure to describe each  level and provide an example of characteristics at each level that can  negatively influence child's outcomes.  

For example, at the community  level you could talk about the impact that exposure to gang violence  could have on a child's well-being. 

*Be sure to address the following  levels:

1. The Individual Level

2. Relationships (Family Level and Peer Level)

3. The Community Level

4. The Policy/Societal Level

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