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This discussion question for this module has two parts. Please follow the directions carefully to receive full credit for this assignment.

Every year,Fortunemagazine publishes a list of the"World's Most Admired Companies" andBarron’smagazine publishes a list of the “World's Most Respected Companies." Choose one company from the top twenty on either of these lists from the most recent year available that you also admire or respect and one company that you admire or respect little.

Part 1:What criteria does the magazine use to evaluate companies for the list? Do you agree with these criteria? Why or why not?
Part 2:Why do you admire the company you chose as a favorite? Why do you not respect the company you chose as not admirable?

BothBarron’sandFortuneare available at the Saint Leo University Library website via the ProQuest database.Keep in mind that the most recent list available may be from last year.

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