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Part 1: Answer the Module Review Questions listed below. These questions were chosen to demonstrate your understanding and help you assess your progress.
  1. Identify and explain key trends that are occurring in computer peripheral devices? How do these trends affect business uses of computers?
  2. Discuss important computer hardware developments that you expect to happen in the next 10 years? How will these affect the business use of computers?
  3. What trends are occurring in the development and use of the major types of computer systems?
  4. What application software packages are the most important for a business end user to know how to use? Explain the reasons for your choices.
  5. What major trends are occurring in software? What capabilities do you expect to see in future software packages?
  6. Why is an operating system necessary? That is, why can’t an end user just load an application program into a computer and start computing?
Part 2: Read the Analysis Exercise at the end of the chapter and complete the questions after the summary.

#1 Desktop Application Recognition: Tool Selection (p. 178)
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