Employee Reaction and Exempt and Non-exempt

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HRM 533 Total Rewards

Week 4 Discussion 1: "Employee Reaction"

1.) For a job you know well, create a questionnaire of five (5) items that elicits employee reaction to the employees' levels of compensation. Identify what information should be included in a job analysis and job evaluation in order to develop a job structure.

Week 4 Discussion 2: "Exempt and Non-exempt"

1.) Compare and contrast the features of exempt and non-exempt employee status in a tale format. Speculate how employers benefit from having one type or another and make recommendation for your organization as to how to increase the profitability that it is meeting all employment regulations.


Please note these discussions questions not an assignment. Also use as a The WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits, & Total Rewards along with other references. Thanks. 


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