GB580: Strategic Management unit 6

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3-5 pager
 write a personal leadership/ethics statement
minimum of three sources
make ppt with all major points in your leadership/ethics statement.

Please include your MBTI type, the accompanying approaches your type is likely to use when dealing with ethics issues, and a discussion regarding the theories most applicable to you and how you believe you will use them when faced with an ethics-based question in your workplace. In addition, please pick a culture different from your own (refer to Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions, and briefly explain how your leadership/ethics approach may alter in that venue.

To help write the paper and PowerPoint presentation, please view the videos found in Webliography and labeled Unit 6 Reading-Videos. It will be helpful to take notes as you view the videos. Also, watch the MBTI-Ethics PPT presentation, and complete the Jung Typology test.

Jung Typology Test™
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