Reopening the economy vs keeping it shut down

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 i need a argumentative essay done 1000 words on (Reopening the economy vs keeping it shut down)

Topic: Reopening the economy vs keeping it shut down


argumentative essay in which you take a position of a topic

Begin by choosing a topic and establish your claim regarding this topic.

Consider some good reasons or evidence that might support your claim. 

Also consider opposing views.

What is your response to these opposing views?


Outline for Argumentative Essay:

Introduction Paragraph with Thesis Statement – the introduction should be fully developed containing background information on the topic.  The thesis statement should appear at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Clear Transitions between all paragraphs – transitions hold the essay together.  They inform the reader of what to expect n the next paragraph.

Body – fully developed set of paragraphs that provide evidence and support of the thesis. In the body the writer should include a warrant or reason that the evidence provided supports the thesis. Try to choose at least three VERY strong arguments that support your thesis (claim).  Then back your argument up with relevant, timely, specific, and, accurate evidence.  Use facts and statistics leave out your opinions, yet include opinions of experts on this topic. Avoid words like ‘I think”, and  “I believe”.   Do not over use emotion and demonstrate lack of bias. 

Also in the body (1-2 paragraphs) it is important to consider other points of view or opposing views. The writer should views that are not in support of the thesis, yet refute that this point of view is out of date, irrelevant, or not well informed. 

Conclusion- The conclusion should be tied back to the thesis statement.  It is important not to introduce any new information in the conclusion.  The conclusion is a synthesis of the information in the essay and a statement of why the topic is important.


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