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Week 11

Question 1Behavior therapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of chronic pain.



Question 2What is a limitation of person-centered therapy?

 a.The approach does not make use of research to study the process or outcomes of therapy.

 b.The therapist has more power to manipulate and control the client than is true of most other therapies.

 c.The approach does not emphasize the role of techniques in creating change in the client’s behavior.

d.The client is not given enough responsibility to direct the course of his or her own therapy.

Question 3It is within the scope of SFBT practice to allow for some discussion of __________ to validate clients’ experience.

 a.presenting problems

 b.behavioral issues in the past

 c.therapist personal issues

 d.past issues

Question 4Narrative therapy has been found to be particularly effective with diverse client populations for all of the following reasons except:

 a.It was founded in a sociocultural context.

 b.It allows clients to tell their unique stories from their perspective.

 c.It defines problems within a social, cultural, political, and relational context.

 d.It teaches diverse clients to replace their own narratives with ones that conform more closely to the ideals and values of mainstream culture.

Question 5Which of the following is not true about how behavior therapists function in the therapeutic setting?

 a.They use techniques such as summarizing, reflection, clarification, and open-ended questioning.

 b.They focus on using a variety of techniques in narrowly treating specific behavioral problems.

 c.They complete a formal assessment prior to treatment to determine behaviors that are targets for change.

 d.They serve as a model for the client and do not require behavioral change in the client.

Question 6In light of the third generation of behavior therapy, mindfulness is defined as

 a.The awareness that emerges through having attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally, to the unfolding or experience moment by moment.

b.The assessment process in multimodal therapy.

 c.Under the idea that change can be brought about by teaching people to use coping skills in problematic situations.

 d.Not beneficial for clients with behavioral problems.

Question 7Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) integrates techniques from:

 a.Multimodal therapy and mindfulness.

 b.Mindfulness-based stress reduction and cognitive behavior therapy.

 c.Motivational interviewing and mindfulness.

 d.Yoga, systematic desensitization, and mindfulness.

Question 8In dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), skills are taught in four modules. Which among the following is not one of the modules listed in the text?


 b.Interpersonal effectiveness

 c.Emotional regulation

 d.Relapse prevention

Question 9_________ is a key pioneer of clinical behavior therapy because of his broadening of its conceptual bases and development of multimodal therapy.

 a.Albert Bandura

 b.Joseph Wolpe

 c.B.F. Skinner

 d.Arnold Lazarus

Question 10Techniques used in mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy include all but:


 c.body scan meditation.

 d.formal and informal meditation.

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