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Week 9

Question 1Trauma specific treatments directly address the impact of trauma on an individual’s life and facilitate trauma recovery—they are designed to treat the actual consequences of trauma.



Question 2An assumption of trauma informed care is that every interaction with a trauma survivor has the opportunity to activate a trauma response.



Question 3Trauma informed care is critical for survivors but is also welcomed by those without a trauma history.



Question 4From the feminist perspective, the socialization of women with multiple social identities inevitably affects all of the following, except:

 a.Engendered lives.


 c.Goals and aspirations.

 d.Emotional well-being.

Question 5__________ is an intervention that changes the label or evaluation applied to some behavioral characteristic.

 a.Paradoxical intention



d.Gender-role analysis

Question 6__________ is at the core of feminist therapy and marked by authenticity, mutuality, and respect.

 a.The person is political

 b.The egalitarian relationship

c.The women's way of knowing

 d.A focus on strengths and a reformulated definition of psychological distress

Question 7Donna feels certain that no one will ever want to hire her because she has a timid personality. Her solution-oriented therapist would be most inclined to:

 a.Explore her early childhood experiences with being rejected.

 b.Consider her irrational belief to be indicative of psychopathology.

 c.Ask Donna to examine another side of the story she is presenting about herself and think of times when she was accepted by others.

d.Prescribe medication for her anxiety issues.

Question 8Narrative therapy has been found to be particularly effective with diverse client populations for all of the following reasons except:

 a.It was founded in a sociocultural context.

 b.It allows clients to tell their unique stories from their perspective.

 c.It defines problems within a social, cultural, political, and relational context.

 d.It teaches diverse clients to replace their own narratives with ones that conform more closely to the ideals and values of mainstream culture.

Question 9During the solution-focused initial therapy session, it is common for solution-focused therapists to ask, “What have you done since you called for the appointment that has made a difference in your problem?” This describes:

 a.Formula first session task.

 b.The miracle question.

c.Pretherapy change.

 d.Exception questions.

Question 10All of the following are techniques used in solution-focused therapy except for:

 a.Using the reflecting team.

b.Scaling questions.

 c.The miracle question.

 d.Formula first session task.

Question 11The techniques of externalization and developing unique events are associated primarily with:

 a.Solution-oriented therapy.

 b.The linguistic approach.

 c.The narrative approach.

d.The reflecting team.

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